The sole objective of the establishment of this website is to provide an opportunity for undergraduates who are following courses offered by the Department of Livestock Production to view the video records of previous lecture sessions of a particular subject.
To get access to view a required video, a student should follow the following procedure.

  1. To use this facility, the student has to be first registered in web site, created for this purpose.
  2. For the registration, it is advised to use the university e mail address as much as possible. If there is no such account for you, you may use a private e mail address.
  3. After registration, you can select the course, in which you need to see the videos.
  4. To get access to see the selected video, make a written request from the respective lecturer who has conducted that lecture to provide access to you. (Request can be done through an e mail). You have to include your contact number also in the request.
  5. If the lecturer is willing to give you the opportunity, considering your reasons mentioned in the request letter, the letter will be directed to Mr. Nimesh Madhushanka, who is operating the activities of this web site.
  6. Then Mr. Nimesh will make access to you for that particular video and let you know via a call/ message/e mail.
  7. You will be given access to a video for a given time duration as decided by the lecturer in charge.
  8. It is utmost important to remember that downloading, copying or making arrangements to publish these video in any other places by you are totally prohibited and if such attempts are detected, this facility will be immediately stopped.
  9. The final decision on any matters related in this regards will be taken by the Head, Department of Livestock Production.

Professor. T. Sanjeewa Prasad Jayaweera
Head- Department of Livestock production